How to make good Makeup/ hair videos that get you featured on a big page?

Updated: Feb 23, 2019

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These days, on Instagram, when it comes to hair and makeup, there are essentially 2 types of pages.

  1. The actual page of the makeup artist/hairstylist, used to promote their work.

  2. The few pages that actually promote the work of these professionals,

The second type helps to increase exposure for these beauty professionals. This has lead many beauty professionals to ask the question, “How do I constantly get featured on one of these promotional pages?”

With Beautynbrushes having a promotional page of its own (@Beautynbrushes) we often get asked by many Muas and stylists, to post their work on the Beautynbrushes instagram page, however the quality

of the content created is not always up to par. That’s not to say that the MUA or hairstylist isn’t talented, because they very well might be, but the camera and other equipment that they are using is causing their work to look of lower quality, which then takes away from their potential success. It is extremely important for beauty professionals to know that, the quality of the videos posted on instagram or youtube is very important and can make the difference between those who have a lot of clients and a large following and those that don’t. It’s so important, that less talented beauty professionals with higher quality pictures and videos, sometimes outshine beauty professionals who are extremely gifted but don’t have the best pictures or videos.

We truly want you to be able to post your amazing videos on the Beautynbrushes page, other beauty pages, and eventually even on the Beautynbrushes app, which you may know, will be a social media booking platform designed to help black Muas and hair stylists increase their following and gain clients by allowing them to post pictures and videos to attract clients.

Because of this, we’ve come up with a list of 5 things that can have your makeup/hair videos looking flawless.

1. Set up your studio.

Now your studio does not necessarily have to be a full room, it can be a corner in a room. The smaller the space typically the better. It often gives you better sound especially if you do not have a microphone.

Now for your videos you can set up a nice backdrop or choose a room with a nice background where your furniture and background settings are thoughtfully placed to give it a nice aesthetic look. If you choose to use a backdrop, often use pastel colours, a glittery or sparkly background gives your videos a nice professional look.

2. Lighting

Lighting is everything! Nobody wants to watch a tutorial they can’t see properly. Good lighting can add that necessary professional look to your videos. Even if your not using a professional camera, but instead using your phone camera, proper lighting can definitely give your videos that enhanced professional appeal you have been looking for.

Using a ring light and placing your phone or camera within the circle of the ring light can work to give you wonderful lighting in your videos.

Really good lighting can come from using one ring light and two soft box lights With that being said there are individuals who get away with using exclusively one ring light in their videos depending on the lighting in the room they are using.

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3. Camera

Now If you master step 2, this step becomes more of a luxury rather than a necessity.

Typically, the best videos you see on Instagram and youtube are shot using a high quality camera like a Canon DSLR or a newer Sony model. These cameras tend to be a little pricey as they offer a variety of unique features, but don’t be discouraged as there are more reasonably priced cameras that can get the job done. Keep in mind, as previously said, If your on a bit of a budget you can still get away with using a good phone camera such as an Iphone 8 or a newer Android phone, as long as your lighting setup properly.

It is important to also purchase a tripod that’s able to hold your camera or phone while you’re filming.

4. Editing Software

It is important for you to edit any mistakes or awkward moments in your footage and to get straight to the point. No one wants to watch a tutorial that is not sped up and does not get to the point of the actual steps taken to create a certain look. It is therefore important to use editing software to keep your videos concise and straight to the point while still showing your personality. Editing seems to intimidate a lot of people, but I assure you, it's not as bad as it seems. There are softwares that are quick and easy to learn and could have your videos looking professional in no time.


  • Imovie is definitely a good place to start if your new to the whole editing world.

  • If your more experienced, then more daunting softwares such as Adobe premiere pro or Final cut pro might be up your ally.

5. Be Yourself Be Creative

How hard could it be to be yourself right? Believe it or not, this step isn’t always as easy as it seems. Personality sells! Whether it be on Youtube or Instagram, people want to see you be authentic, with a side of added personality. Through the camera, your audience knows when your being your authentic self and when your not. Being yourself creates a more relatable experience and relationship with your audience which also means it plays a really big role in the potential size of your social media following and potential clients.

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t nail your video the first time, practice makes perfect. Very few people have the gift to come onto the screen and flawlessly execute right away, most successful people have practiced to get to where they are. Creativity also comes through editing. A lot of instagram and youtube beauty professionals have adopted unique and creative ways of editing videos and differentiating themselves from the pack, and it has definitely payed off for them follower and subscriber wise. Look for ways to be creative in your videos whether it's in your video ideas, your personality, the way you edit, or even the unique way you put on your makeup or curl someone's hair. Creativity is key!

Well there you have it, 5 ways to have your videos looking professional and appealing. I hope these tips help you guys create some amazing youtube and videos instagram videos/tutorials. If you find this helpful look out for the Beautynbrushes app which will be launching soon. This app will be another platform where you will have the opportunity to learn all things black beauty related and to post your own tutorials for others to watch!

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