How to define your curly hair

Updated: Mar 9, 2019

We all constantly hear that curly hair is hard to take care of, but, with QUALITY hair and a proper routine to go along with it, you can get your curly hair looking well defined and gorgeous!

How to Define Curly Hair?

In the video above, I show you how to take care of your raw curly bundles. The hair you’ll see in the video is the Beautynbrushes Burmese Deep curly (two 22” inch bundles and one 24” bundles with a 20” closure)

Below are the steps that I take in the video to achieve my beautiful curls. Let’s dive right in

Step 1: Section off your hair

The first thing you want to do is section off your hair so you could brush it in smaller portions. To do this, you’ll want to use a denim brush to gently brush your hair starting from the ends all the way up to your roots. Doing this should make your hair nice and big! Now at first glance it will seem like all the curls are gone, but its important to note that the steps below will definitely revitalize those curls.

Step 2: Create your mixture for your spray bottle.

In order To do this you;

  1. Take a spray bottle, and fill it up with water halfway.

  2. After that, get a good conditioner, (I recommend Vatika Coconut conditioner, works like magic!) and put roughly 3-4 squeezes of in the spray bottle.

  3. Add 2-3 drops of hair oil in the spray bottle and shake it all up. (You can add olive, coconut, Shea butter or moroccan oil. I personally use Moroccan Argan Oil)!

Step 3. Dampen your Hair with moisturizer and essential oils

This is the part where you take the spray bottle and spray the hair section by section making sure you apply it to everywhere. Keep in mind that you want to drench the hair, but you want to add enough for it to be damp. As you spray, make sure you’re scrunching the hair as this is key to creating those defined curls. After doing this, your curls should be rejuvenated.

Step 4: Define Your curls

This is where were we take our Denim brush and further define those curls by gently brushing and scrunching the hair repeatedly until every part of the hair has been reached.

Next, apply Marc Anthony's Curl defining lotion to your hair. What this does is it enhances the curls and keeps the hair from frizzing. When applying the lotion, make sure you take generous amount and rub it through the hair while scrunching it up a bit more. After you’ve done this, let your hair dry a little, and once its done drying, you’ll have a more full luscious look!

At this point, the only thing left to do is to fix up those edges, or blend that lace to your scalp and get ready to whip that hair back and forth! Easy As that!

Why Choose Beautynbrushes Raw Curly Hair?

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